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The Empire State Local News Coalition is a statewide coalition of hometown newspapers fighting for the long-term sustainability of local journalism in New York. Since 2004, more than 3,000 newspapers have shuttered across the country, resulting in thousands of layoffs and countless communities losing essential platforms for sharing their stories.

If these concerning trends continue, New Yorkers from Buffalo to Montauk are at risk of losing their ability to have their voices heard and shape public policy.

The decline of local journalism is a clear and present threat to our democracy. Hometown newspapers are a foundational part of the American experience; we uplift the stories of everyday New Yorkers making a difference in their communities and serve as watchdogs that hold those in power accountable.

As polarization grips our nation and basic truths are contested, it’s more important than ever to ensure hometown newspapers and reporters have the tools we need to carry out our essential work.

The Empire State Local News Coalition is championing a robust legislative package that ensures local papers will survive through the 21st century and beyond. From tax incentives that make it easier to hire and retain talent to increasing the public’s access to information, our platform offers bipartisan measures that will ensure local communities continue to have their voices heard for generations to come.  

The time is now to save local journalism. Democracy can’t wait.

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Over 200 local news outlets are working together across every region in New York State.

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